About Us

The Ontario Municipal Leadership Institute (OMLI) is a professional organization that is dedicated to delivering the “Gold Standard” in leadership development, innovative training and consulting.

At OMLI our primary focus is to develop leadership capacity for municipal government and their agencies by helping those who aspire to take on the exciting challenge of leadership. We are committed to preparing and supporting existing leaders as well as coaching and inspiring the next generation of leadership.

At OMLI, we are here to help you gain the confidence, build the skills, and expand your hidden talents in your chosen profession.

At OMLI, we are committed to help you succeed! Success starts with OMLI and YOU!

Our Advantage

  • Seasoned Professionals

    OMLI is comprised of a number of seasoned professionals representing a variety of disciplines including; Administration, Finance, Emergency Services, Human Resources, Land Use Planning, Economic Development, Transportation, Municipal Law, Building Code Enforcement, Facility and Asset Management, Recreation, Infrastructure, Communications, Public and Hydro Utilities, Aboriginal Affairs and Adult Education.

  • Expert Knowledge

    Given our expansive knowledge and experience, our highly sought after facilitators bring their expertise to you and provide a dynamic and experiential-based training and coaching environment. This means our participants “learn by doing”. Participants are engaged through practical teaching techniques that are effective. Participants can immediately apply this knowledge to the work environment.

  • Real Experiences

    These seasoned professionals will share their experiences to help you avoid the obvious and not so obvious pitfalls. You will realize the value in the lessons and information they have to share adding some practical insight that is meaningful to you. Let us share our stories with you, our expertise and help you grow to your fullest potential.