• Coaching and Mentoring

    Coaching and mentoring the next generation of municipal leaders provides an opportunity to help shape the future by imparting the knowledge of the past. There is great value to those of who are willing to invest the time and energy in collectively supporting the work of our young and aspiring leaders. The objective of a coach/mentor is to be the life raft for a new and aspiring leader when venturing out into untested waters.

    OMLI’s expert facilitators of the Ontario Municipal Leadership Program provide mentoring throughout the entire program. They are available and accessible to provide guidance, advice and tips and tools to help develop your leadership skills. They are available to assist walk you through those tough-to-make decisions and will provide you with sound advice on a wide range of practical challenges (staff, council, public and the media). Regardless the scale of your challenges, complicated or sensitive in nature, our legacy experts and mentors are available to assist you in a confidential manner.

    Why coaching and mentoring?

    Because at OMLI, we help you to quickly understand and recognize that in order to be a high performing organization, and to operate at the highest level of effectiveness, we need to support those who are willing to take on the leadership roles. Through our Expert Coaches, we provide executive coaching and mentoring that can help employees and employers to discover hidden potential and achieve it.

    To register to become an Expert Coach and or to find how our Expert Coaches are matched with your emerging new leaders contact OMLI today! Our Experts Coaches are available to provide guidance and support to help you as an organization to transition your outgoing leadership or to support your future leaders of your organization!

    Value Proposition

    At OMLI we have launched an experiment to explore, “what if?” What if we gave you direct access to our Expert Coaches? What if we said to you that for a nominal investment, your emerging leader(s) had direct access to one-to-one candid discussions (in-person or otherwise) that:

    1. provides valuable feedback on strengths and weaknesses (can also include personality profiling, behavioural assessments, pre-hire assessments)
    2. provides advice and suggestions which are aimed at both specific areas of improvement and or professional development
    3. provides non-direction experiential-based training, tools, tips and techniques that develops skills and fosters a supportive and encouraging relationship
    4. provides advice on an expansive range of issues, challenges and opportunities
    5. provides focused discussions and emphasis on leadership skills development
    6. provides in-person audits of individuals in action
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    Succession Plan

    Efforts to “Plan Forward” have been minimal or are somewhat non-existent. Who will take over, when our existing leaders retire in the next few years? What are we doing as progressive organizations to ensure that we have a plan in place?

    In 2025, Ontario could face a shortage of 364,000 workers.

    Over the past 25 years, the Canadian labour force grew by 48%. In the next 25 years, it will grow by only 16%.

    Canada is facing a skills shortage, a shortage of unprecedented proportions, with serious implications for our long-term productivity and competitiveness.

    – The Conference Board of Canada