How can I prepare myself for a leadership role?

    Did you know that there really are three key ingredients to developing your leadership?

    1. Passion… yes the emotion that creates that desire for or devotion to a certain activity – do you feel it? Do you have it? Can you use it to your advantage?
    2. Commitment to achieving your success. Remember no one really is an overnight success – hard work and commitment to your goals is the path to success.
    3. Personal Development – what have you done in the past week, month, year to “up your game”? To take you one step closer to attaining the goals you set for yourself. Personal development means setting out a game plan that improves your self-awareness, your self-knowledge your personal growth plan.

    Leading by example

    I’ve often heard the term “leading by example”, just what should we make of that expression? It means many things to many people. The role of leadership has many facets to it. One of the primary ones is that of a “role model”. Remember when you step up to a leadership role you have the ability to set the tone (Tone at the Top), to set the moral and ethical tone for your work group, your department, or even your entire organization.

    As a leader you have the opportunity to articulate the vision and direction for the future of the organization. Harness that power; use it to teach others through skills such as coaching, training and empowering. But above all – don’t take yourself so seriously that you lose sight of what is important to you and those around you. Understand there will be setbacks and obstacles, which can be refocused as opportunities – make the adjustments, keep grounded but keep setting the example – they will follow!

  • Outstanding Leadership Award

    OMLI presents an annual award to the municipal employee of the Ontario Municipal Leadership Program who has completed the program in full and who has exemplified outstanding leadership, as well as a commitment to improve and enhance their leadership skills in a local community project with a focus on giving back.

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