• Change Management

    I’ve been asked by the CAO of my municipality to take on the leadership role of a major project which will be transformational for our organization and in the manner we will be delivering our services. I’m quite excited but at the same time nervous about taking on such a significant assignment. Do you have some suggestions for me?
    That’s great news that you have been asked to take on the lead role in this transformational project. There are many things, which I can suggest, but unfortunately we only have a fixed amount of space so let me provide the following perspective for you.

    1. Stay focused on the objectives of the project. Make sure that you and your team members have a clear understanding on what the picture of success looks like. Be clear about the intended outcomes and make sure you return to those objectives on a regular basis to avoid getting derailed or from straying off course.
    2. Get clarity on process – how much authority for making decisions do you and your team have – who is your project champion that will be there to offer guidance and direction or approvals as the project takes shape.
    3. Make every effort to determine if you have the skills or members of your team have the required skills to complete the project. If not is there a willingness to bring some external help to the project to “skill-up” the team as necessary?
    4. Show me the MONEY!!! Make certain that you and your team feel confident that the project can be delivered for the budget that has been allocated. Determine early in the process by asking questions to other organizations who have championed similar change initiatives. Find out what it cost them to execute their project. Do your homework. If you have any flexibility and negotiating ability you are in a much stronger position before the project is launched.

    As I said earlier this sounds like a vote of confidence in you, but remember to stay grounded and make certain you are satisfied that you have the complete bill of goods to execute the project and feel proud of this work.

  • Leadership Program

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