Inspiring Leadership Excellence

At OMLI we are inspired by the opportunity to bring progressing training opportunities to a significant cross section of the municipal sector. We believe that there is a critical need for investment in the human capital that drives our municipalities. Ensuring that those delivering critical services to us on a daily basis are properly trained and capable of stepping up to the challenge of leadership is a fundamental obligation of our decision makers.

If human capital is your most valuable resource then you need to ensure that your organization stays ahead of the pending talent crisis. Invest in the talent from your own backyard.

Are you prepared to dodge the cost of training your aspiring leaders out of the fear that once they are trained they will leave for better opportunities? What’s the solution? Don’t train them and hope they stay with the organization? The traditional approach to staff appointments in leadership roles with little or no training is likely to provide the results that we most fear.

Customized Training
OMLI provides customized training and workshops that cater to your needs. By partnering with OMLI for our highly sought-after training opportunities, you will:

  1. Ensure your employees are acquiring the necessary skills that drive results and success in your organization
  2. Reduce the impact of costs associated with training saving your organization valuable dollars in travel, time, and accommodations – we bring the training to you
  3. Meet the demands by developing emerging leaders in your organization as well as those who already hold leadership roles but never received the proper training to be effective
  4. Minimize risk factors of high staffing turnover and employee replacement costs
  5. Position your organization as being a driver of training and professional and personal development
  6. Implement higher standards that drive the organization through solution-focused training
  7. Leverage unique opportunities to partner with neighboring municipalities to reduce costs, foster improved relationships and gain the benefit of sharing best practices
  8. Improve your corporate image as a results-driven employer of choice and motivator of change
Our Program consists of several one-day workshops that provide essential leadership skills as well as coaching and mentoring. The following is just a sample of workshops we provide:

    1. Ultimate Gold- Standard Customer Service
    2. Labour Relations & Union Negotiations
    3. Corporate Cultural Change Management
    4. Emotional Intelligence
    5. Developing from within – Internal Leadership and Winning Teams
    6. The Power of Team Building
    7. Effective Communications
    8. Time Management
    9. Plan Forward: Strategies to Implementing an Effective Succession Plan
    10. Coaching and Motivating Employees
    11. Council/Staff Employee Relations
    12. Effective Media and Communications Strategies
Online Training
OMLI’s online and certificate courses offer you complete access and flexibility to suit your schedule anywhere and anytime. Affordable and relevant, our extensive menu of online courses is an effective alternative or adjunct to in-person workshops or courses.

Depending on your needs, we can also provide training programs that include both a “blend” of online and in-person options that are economical to your organization and support employee professional leadership and development. The “blended learn” is a cost-effective option for many employers today who have limited training dollars and yet are proactive with professional development options.

OMLI’s online learning features may include:
    1. Instructor lead and recorded videos
    2. Synchronized PowerPoint presentations
    3. Integrated discussion boards
    4. Live and pre-recorded webinars

Together, OMLI and our strategic online training partner, Shadowbox Learning Services Inc. are pleased to offer the “Personal Productivity, Leadership and Management Library”, which allows employers and employees from across the Province to leverage “collective buying power”. Through OMLI’s online e-learning portal via employers and employees come together as a group of consumers and based on the volume of activity will benefit from substantial group discounts.

Self-paced Training
Our customized leadership library is based on LearnKey’s twenty-five years of award-winning excellence and is a great solution for providing essential management skills.

Available Courses:
    1. Assertiveness
    2. The Art of Organization
    3. How to Coach and Effective Team
    4. Attitude for Success
    5. Stress Management
    6. The Art of Communication
    7. Better Business Writing
    8. Effective Meeting Skills
    9. Team Problem Solving
    1. Effective Performance Appraisals
    2. Effective Presentation Skills
    3. Tactics and Innovation
    4. How to Get Things Done
    5. Giving and Receiving Criticism
    6. Successful Negotiation
    7. Know Your Talents
    8. Handling Conflict and Confrontation
    9. Mentoring